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Pigeon Clocking System

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We get the coordinates of each members and set all race points coordinates either static or dynamically using a Global Positioning System (GPS) and we follow this formulas: Great-circle distance and Geographic coordinate conversion

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Ways of writing coordinates

All of the following are valid and acceptable ways to write geographic coordinates:

* 40:26:46N,79:56:55W
* 40:26:46.302N 79:56:55.903W
* 40°26'21"N 79°58'36"W
* 40d 26' 21" N 79d 58' 36" W
* 40.446195N 79.948862W
* 40.446195, -79.948862
* 40° 26.7717, -79° 56.93172

Coordinates here are generally written as [Direction Degree Minute Seconds]
N 40° 26′ 21″, E 79°58′36″